5 Powerhouse Ways to change your life today…Or…

…The Power of 5.


I was just reading an interesting article called The Power Of Five, from James Altucher…

And his thoughts can alleviate worry and anxiety, regrets, guilt, fear of the future, AND…

If you take along my little twist here in this email, it’ll put a lot more in your pockets too!

So, let’s dig right in…

With this ‘Power of 5 ‘ thing, almost all of us know about the first one:

1.  ‘You are the average of the 5 people most around you.’

I don’t believe this is completely true, but the principle still holds. Be around people that motivate, inspire, and that have similar goals and dreams as you…

No reason to have Negative Nancy’s, Downer Dan’s, and Broke Bob’s always around you and as your top of the list. And you especially don’t want them giving you advice! Oh no!

But here’s what’s cool, this power of 5 principle works extremely well in many different areas than just having awesome people around you, yet not a lot of people are aware of it.

It’s really only limited to the time you’ll take and work this out in the many different areas of your life…

James lists a couple such as:

2.  ‘You are the average of the 5 things that inspire you the most’…

Do you have 5 things around your office, home, etc… that inspire YOU the most? Do it. Feel the difference.

3. ‘My thoughts are the average of the 5 things I think about’…

4. ‘My mind and body are the average of the 5 things I eat each day’…

5. ‘I am the average of the 5 things I do to help people each day’…

The Power of 5

Are you starting to see the power here?…

And as you start to examine this and get your list of 5 together in many different pieces of your life, the results you’ll get will be staggering and life changing.

Well worth the effort!

And this translates right into online business too…

- ‘The 5 core activities you do online each day will account for nearly all of your results’…

- ‘The 5 first things you do online will dictate a profitable day, or a day wasted’…

- ‘The 5 services you offer to your customers could mean no profits, or 6-7 figures’…

And… it’s that last one there that’s SUPER CRITICAL to get right away!

Economics, aka making a profit, must be right online or everything else quickly will crumble.

Most have the first 3-4 down okay… Having a lead offer, a couple lower priced intro products, maybe a mid-ticket product around $397-$497…

But it’s number 5 where they’re getting killed.

High Ticket Commissions! It’s the great profit equalizer that’s all so important right now considering rising marketing costs, increased competition, and most ideal lifestyle and income targets being considered
as well…

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Sign in and watch the video presentation above. It will be well worth your time, and will cure the most important piece of running a profitable business for ya…

You can put it on your Top 5 list of things to do today.


And, don’t forget to consider all of the different areas
to apply the Power of 5 into your life!

Talk soon.


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Master Wealth Secret from a PIMPLY minimum wage worker…

Or, pimply teenager wanted to run 7-figure business..


The cool thing about a Real System is that as long as
somebody shows up and follows the step by step
instructions, it’ll work…

Take McDonald’s for example…

The majority of the company is run by pimply teenagers
with not an ounce of real business acumen, and for the
most part, they ain’t sportin’ too much ambition either.

And they definitely aren’t working at Mickey D’s to show
off their Culinary Skills right? They’re no chefs…

Yet, they’re the backbone of this billion dollar giant that
has franchises all around the world.


McDonald’s is a system.

It’s turnkey at it’s best.

So much so that you can train a kid to do it.

Now what if there were lots of stuff to guess at? Like -

“What should we put on special this week?”…

“How do we advertise?’…

“What temperature should we cook the fries?”…

“Should I hire the guy out front holding the sign
that says ‘will work for food?”…

“When, what, how should we- ‘fill-in-the-blank’?…

If any of this, if anything at all, was left to guess
then it wouldn’t work! The billion dollar giant would
fall and be reduced to the equivalent of ‘Bob’s Burger
Shack’, run by the owner, 1 store, every day a hair-
pulling hell…

See, it’s NOT what they’re selling that makes them
successful. I think we all know they don’t have the
most incredible food on the planet.

Yet, you can depend on the same experience pretty
much any McDonald’s you go to anywhere in the

That’s a system.

And true Systems equal growth…


It’s all in the system..

True systems are so duplicable that even a teenager
can do it…

Transcending to the online realm, things get even
better than that – IF you can find a similar type of
system that will work like gangbusters.


Because online, you don’t have to hire staff, store-
front space, or spend a million plus to purchase a
franchise like McDonald’s…

However, it still needs to be step-by-step, turnkey
enough that virtually anyone could follow the
directions and succeed with it.

And this is where most fail. Even if what they’re
doing DOES work, they don’t know how to make
it work for everyone.

And the reason why is it’s hard to do so. It requires
something similar that McDonald’s requires to

Yes, step by step instructions, but also a proven
system, staff, done for you marketing materials,
new product releases partners can plug-in to,
support from corporate and other partners, big
ticket sales that corporate brings you…

Masterminds each year that you’re invited to
where other top ‘store owners’ show you what’s
working in their businesses, and so forth…

Of course in our industry, this means the ‘top
earners’, the ones you see holding the big
checks… Wouldn’t it be nice to know exactly
how they’re doing it?… Yes indeed… So you
gotta get to these Masterminds!…

So as you see, WORK has to be done, just like
McDonald’s. But the cool thing is that turnkey
means you’re not doing all this work.

As a partner, you get access to the proven
business model that works, and all that comes
along with it…

If you’re interested in something like this, then
I’d highly suggest you check this out:

Click here to check it out now!

It’s the cream of the crop in online systems. In
fact, there is nothing else out there quite like it.

Full system…

Full on support…

High Ticket Commissions…

And a lot more…

Check it out here!

Talk soon,


Skype me for more info – chineme1

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NEWSFLASH – Internet Millionaire Wants To Pay YOU!

They went from zero to a million dollars in 14 days..


I hope to be the first to tell you about this expert marketing team who want to do something which has NEVER been done before:

They want to build your online business for you.

They want to work for you, and pay you for the work they

Yes, you read that right:

They want to work FOR you, and PAY you for the work THEY

- you do not need to know how to market
- you do not need to know anything about SEO
- you do not need to know anything about video marketing
- you do not need to know anything about email marketing

In fact, you do not need to know anything about marketing
online or have any online experience!

This gem is from a young South African guy who has hit on
a new concept that is taking the net by storm as it helps
people do very well indeed online. At last. You can hear
his story in the video PLUS why can and should trust them:

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Let them make YOU money!







Making Money Online Has Never Been Easier…

No More Learning Curve
No FaceBook Marketing
No Blogging
No Article Marketing
No Video Marketing
No Solo Ad Marketing
No Media Buys

Plus Much Much More -

If you make the great decision to partner with us:

- They create the BEST products that people want.
– They advertise and market to targetted leads.
– They call your leads and convert them.
– They have high level webinars.
– They handle your affiliate commissions.
– They handle all email and follow up marketing.
– They even retarget for you.

You don’t even have to promote it, just pay monthly ad
spend and they pay you royalties every month.

If you do promote it, you’ll make even more money.

Remember: they went from zero to a million dollars in 14



If you don’t make at least $3000 in profits with them in
the next 60 days, they will use their own money to build
your business until you do.

$3000 guaranteed within 60 days!








The products are a huge array of online tools and products
to teach and enhance our internet marketing businesses.

We have to pay monthly towards the marketing costs which
they do, and they share out the profits. If we also do our
own promoting our profits can rise substantially.

This guy and his well appointed team of marketing experts
have put together some really awesome online tools to help
us achieve true success online.

This program really is the solution to overwhelm and lack
of marketing knowledge by the vast majority who want to
be internet marketers, but are failing miserably.

There are a wealth of teaching modules including step by
step guides that are selling like hot cakes. Members get
access to all of them to learn while they earn.

For an example of just a few modules from one program
called the “Crush IT Formula”, it includes:

- winning online
- finding targetted traffic
- product creation
- tracking leads
- turning ideas into action
- marketing strategies (over 20 in great detail)

And so, so much more!

Earn while you learn.


It truly is an awesome program, and is packaged in a way that the struggling marketer (and those who just want to do so much better) get everything in one place for incredible value.





The beauty is we pay for them to advertise the program and we get to share in the vast profits.

It’s very new right now and is going for a reduced price – believe me, it is
something that everyone online actually needs. Once more
people start to hear about this, the price WILL be going up.

I just have to repeat: there is a guarantee that you make
$3k in your first 60 days or they build your biz for you until
you do.

You will just love this. Your list will love you for this!

Please take some time out to watch the video then CLICK HERE to get going on this one!

Talk soon.

Chineme Noke

Any questions? Skype me – chineme1

PS: Many people are using this program to fund MOBE, MTTB
and other top tier, high profit programs where they can
remain focused while continuing to earn.

Click and watch it all here.

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Wanna learn how to profit in this new economy? Or…

How do kids know more about my phone than ME?


What do you think would happen if you gave a kid a Rotary Phone and asked them to call a number?

…You remember them Rotary Phones right?

You’ve got to put your finger in the little hole that corresponds with the right number, then spin the little dial around! Old school right?

Recently they did this little experiment with kids and these ‘old school’ phones…

And the results?

What are those holes for?!


These kids couldn’t even figure out how to use the
thing at all! Not even close!

Now today, a 2 yr. old can figure out your password,
access the app store, and beat your high score on
Angry Birds! Argh…

They’re hip to the ‘NEW’ technology, even though it’s much more complex.

Why don’t they know how to use a basic phone too? Because, it’s old school. It’s outdated. They don’t get it. That’s why it just doesn’t work in today’s world.

It doesn’t FIT in anymore.

Painful to say it, but I see many businesses today trying to still use outdated methods (like the Rotary Phone) in their marketing.

And they wonder why they’re not succeeding?

Worse off, the ‘goo-roos’ are still teaching these outdated methods because that’s all they know!

These wannabe’s are sort of like the founder of the Rotary Phone, stuck in 1990 trying to teach Apple how to ‘Innovate’.

Ain’t gonna happen!

…Used to be, getting converting high quality traffic was easy and cheap.

Not anymore.

…Used to be, getting affiliates with big names and a big following to get on board to promote your product wasn’t too difficult.

Not anymore.

…Used to be, getting noticed in the marketplace and grabbing a share of sales for yourself wasn’t too hard either… But once again…

Not anymore.

Times are-a-changing!

Smart marketers today first consider Economics.

They start with the end in mind. How much can they potentially earn in their funnel?

How can they afford to spend the MOST on traffic and still make a lot of money?

What type of High Ticket Offers that their list will LOVE can they integrate into their business?

And so on…

I suggest you do the same thing, ‘IF’ you’re serious about profiting online this year and breaking away from the pack of mediocrity.

Step 1: ??

Consider Economics!

Economics – key to high profits


It’s the basic and essential first step you must take in this new economy.

In short? Ask:

‘What does my High Ticket Back-end Funnel look like?’


Even more simply put? ‘How can I go from earning tiny commissions off of $47 and $97 sales, and get commissions all the way up to $15,000 per sale?

And… With it all done for me on the back-end.’

…Fulfillment, support, the actual selling, everything.

The answer to all your problems is found in the link below – it’s free to have a good look:

Click here to see and partner with me

You’ll learn all about how to profit in this new economy -

AND how to get done-for-you high ticket commissions sold on your behalf as our partner, and you get a huge chunk of the pie! In fact, the biggest chunk!

Talk soon.

Chineme Noke

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