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Over the past few days, I’ve been seriously wondering about how I can help my subscribers succeed online in a meaningful way, before Christmas.

From my own experience, it’s so easy to have so-called “gooroos” sell you program after program which, instead of actually helping you, instead line their own pockets over and over again, leaving you totally overwhelmed and confused.

That’s why so many budding marketers run out of money or just quit, usually just before they could achieve a real breakthrough in their business.

The best way that I have found to be successful online is to gain commitment to one particular program. Just one. It’s ok to have other things going on, but it’s very important to commit in a meaningful way and focus on one particular goal.

Of course, that program would have to have all the bells and whistles that you need to succeed.  After many years online, I have found that program. And it’s helping so many ordinary people succeed, that it’s quickly becoming the fastest growing and most lucrative business system online today.

Not only do you get personalized coaching in the early stages to ensure that you are not left on your own, you also have experienced team members working for you to contact your leads and help them to do exactly what you have done, over and over again.  By the way, you are also taught HOW to find the most qualified, targeted leads too.  Therefore, everybody wins!

Everybody Wins

Community Success


The program also offers many licensed products, with commissions ranging from $9.99 to over $9,000!  Yes, these sales are made for you through a very successful funnel system, and you receive the hefty commissions without having to pick up the phone.

So, as I was saying, I want you to succeed with my help.  I want you to focus on a real, proven, profitable online training and business system which has been set up for everyone to succeed, whether a newbie or marketing veteran.

You will have access to many facebook groups and mastermind circles to ensure everyone is plugged in and can get their questions answered at any time of the day or night.  You will have accountability groups to keep you on track.  At the higher levels, you will have mastermind sessions in exotic locations around the world, where you get to mingle and learn even more about wealth creation and an alternative way of living.

After all, you’re only here once, so why shouldn’t you have the choice to live exactly how you’ve always dreamed of living, no matter how that is?

I am so impressed with the content and coaching offered with this program that I have decided to offer you my personal support and strategy sessions to start you off on the right track.  This is in addition to the coaching and support provided by the company.  

I will also invite you to a new facebook group, my success lounge, where you will be able to interact with other members to ensure you all have your desired success and duplication.

As you are still reading this message, I know that you must be serious about your business success and therefore you will be a great fit for our team if you can commit and focus on this proven system.

Please set aside some time to go through this updated presentation again, this time with a pen and paper for making notes.  Then go ahead and sign up for the 21 step training program to see if the business system is a good fit for you.  You may just be at the start of changing the course of your life – you will be introduced to many of our members who have done just that.

Unbelievably, this 21 step program, with coaching support is just $49 – less than the price of a decent meal at a restaurant.  We want to ensure it is affordable for those whom are serious about their online business.

Please note that I am making this offer of my availability only to my mobe/mttb subscribers first of all, and may be rolling it out to my other lists in the coming weeks only if I have enough spaces, as I want to ensure that everyone who joins gets adequate attention and guidance from me as they get started.

NB: We are so sure of you making at least $1000 within 30 days of successfully completing the 21 step program, that you are guaranteed a payment of $500 via PayPal should you fail to do so.  Therefore, you have nothing to lose, and a very great deal to gain.

If you wish to take me up on my offer, please click HERE

Don’t just watch the video – please study it, take notes, imagine how your life could be changed by this ingenious program, and then take the necessary action.

Feel free to skype me with any questions – chineme1, email me at chinemenoke@gmail.com or find me on facebook.

I really looking forward to helping you succeed!

Talk soon.



PS  Please be sure to ask me any questions or let me know what you think in the comments below.


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What Is The Odd #1 Business Killer?

The Odd #1 Business Killer…


I’ve realized that people love step-by-step directions on how to do anything…

And this certainly applies to doing Online Business too!

But you know what most people like even more than that?

Done-for You!

In home based business I see a similar trend happening right
now, one you should know about.

Done For You

The cause of this trend?

Who knows.

I think it’s mostly because things move so fast, we’re so busy,
and so we look for the quickest easiest path to get something.

Here’s the biggest benefit if you can find some part of business
that is truly done-for-you…

You eliminate one of the biggest business killers out there…

The Learning Curve

You may think it odd for me to say that, but just consider what
it takes to run an online business:

– Learn how to sell via Video or Written Word (Copy Writing)
1+ Years to get “”decent”” at this skill!

– Get a Converting Website Set-up (3-6+ mos.)

– Learn how to effectively write emails (3-6 mos.)

– Master Paid Traffic (1 year+)

– Create Products that people will love (1 year+)

And that’s just the tip of the Iceberg!

That’s why done-for-you is so much better.

Not that you shouldn’t learn how to do ANY of this stuff. Learning
skills, pushing through that uncomfortable zone is a def. good

But taking it all on at once is just way too much for most of us…

Yet, it’s all got to get done in order for you to be profitable.

That’s what’s so cool about MTTB:


(It’s better than Investing in the Stock Market.)

You get a complete business that many partners are leveraging
as their own to make a very lucrative profit each month.

The degree of what this company provides for you is simply unheard of:

– *Your own personal coach (most 6-7 figure earners)

– *Done for you capture pages, sales pages, etc…

– *Done for you opportunity for hot traffic and buyers

– *Selling done FOR YOU on the backend resulting in
$1k, $3k, and $5k commissions!

– *Closing lucrative deals for you from at live events

– *Emails, Blog Posts, and other content done-for-you!
(Just copy and paste!)

And lot’s more…

All you have to do is decide to leverage this powerful system:


Then, you’ll be up and running in no time flat, without the
huge learning curve that stumbles most and prevents
what would otherwise be a very profitable business for

It’s not your fault when you get overwhelmed by all the
things that have to be done.

Simply leverage a system that’s done it all for you already.

You deserve it.



PS – Sign up to mttb and I will personally help you get started!

Skype me – chineme1


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Your Invitation To Join Me On Vacation (please RSVP asap)

Hey, hey, hey!
As summer is winding down, I start to think about

warm tropical places to escape to this coming winter!

How about Miami Beach? Cozumel, Mexico?  Belize?
Isla Roatan, Honduras?  Grand Cayman Island?

How about all of the above?

In just a few short months, a group of my best marketing buddies and I plan on 7 days of fun in the sun, visiting ALL of those exotic islands, networking and schmoozing, while Caribbean cruising.

Yes, I’m talking about the amazing annual Marketers Cruise, an adventure of a lifetime that happens every January!

Click HERE for YOUR invitation to join us

Before you received this invitation, we were already three quarters filled up months in advance, with more than 300 of the World’s TOP Online Entrepreneurs already booked!

Imagine a full week of hanging out with your favorite entrepreneurial friends and mentors, where profitable deals are done while on vacation and having fun.

This is your opportunity to join ME,
Mike Filsaime
Donna Fox
Captain Lou Edwards
Andy Jenkins
Daven Michaels,
E Brian Rose
Omar Martin
Mario Brown
Mark Harris
Dave VanHoose
Rusell Brunsen
David Perdew
Jim Edwards
Armand Morin
Tracy Repchuk
David Sprague
Sharon Worsley
Mike Lewis
Sonia Ricotti
Mike Hill
Sam England
Harlan Kilstein
Vinden Grace
Soren Jordensen
David Frey
Joel Peterson
Joel Therien
Kirt Christensen
Dr. Joe Kasper
John Cornetta
Greig Wells
Chineme Noke ;-)
Jason Anderson
Allyn Cutts
and HUNDREDS of other top marketing superstars!


Why does the Marketers Cruise sell out every year?

*This is a NO-SELLING event.
*It is not GURU-STUDENT, we are all PEERS.
*Friends, family and children are all welcome.
*This is an awesome adventure for the whole family.
*All meals, entertainment and special MASTERMIND EVENTS and PARTIES are included in one low rate.
*The networking and joint venture opportunities are off the charts!
*It’s AFFORDABLE for all.

You’ve got to see this – CLICK HERE!

The thing is, most top marketers “in the know” have already booked this cruise nearly a year ago. Only a few choice cabins remain at the “old rates”. Those rates are only guaranteed for the next week or so.

You really don’t want to miss the boat on this.   Please get your deposit in now!

We look forward to welcoming you aboard in January.


Chineme Noke and Mike Filsaime

P.S.  You’re going to take a vacation anyway, right?  You DESERVE a vacation, don’t you?  Why not travel with people who share your passion and understand where you are coming from? Please RSVP at the page right HERE!:

See you on the Lido deck!

Talk soon.
Just reply to this email or skype me (chineme1) for a chat!


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100% Payout, The Key To Your Success…Finally!

Hey savvy marketer,,
This is the truth of the matter…

A lot of people are making the decision
to change their finances.

Do you think you’re ready to have
massive amounts of income flowing
into your account?

The key to your success is really in
your decision.

– The decision to get 100% payout.

– The decision to be mentored by the best in the industry.

– The decision to make things happen right now.

– The Decision to have the marketing tools needed to succeed.

… And the decision to get an entire ‘plug and play’
viral blogging and marketing system that will
help you keep your business easy and profitable.

Extremely profitable.

Here’s how to do it…

Whatever obstacles and challenges that have
previously stood in the way of turning your
passion into profits…have now been solved.

You just have to decide if 100% commissions
sounds good to you.

Millions of dollars will be paid to people
who decided to say yes to 100% commissions.

Will YOU be one of them?

Here’ Proof –

It’s ALL here.

You just have to decide to go get your money.

Get 100% Commissions!

You’ll be really glad you did! (Remember Empower??)


PS – Ready to get started with Pure Leverage?

<< Simply Click Here >>

PS Remember, it’s FREE to join – at least have a very good look!
Then, it’ll be the best $25 you have ever spent… I know it was for me! :-)


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[Facebook] Over 3000 people joined yesterday alone.. you are losing money!

Hey {!firstname},
Since yesterday alone over 3000 new people have joined
the Facebook Instant Income System! This program, which
provides a comprehensive suite of internet marketing
tools at a fraction of the normal price, plus the brand
new Facebook Income System, gets my ten star



This is BRAND NEW.. so lock in your position now! (for FREE) 

The quicker you lock in, the faster you will build
your organization and an income!!

Below is the email I sent out yesterday..

If you use Facebook join our huge group of 28k+ and earn BIG! 

It really is true, all you need is two things..

1. You need to own a facebook account
2. You need to be willing to work about 

15 mins  a day!

We have created the most revolutionary system
in the network marketing industry!No matter what your experience is, if you can
invite your friends to a facebook group of over
28,000 members then you can make money

And just as important, you can show others
how to do the same to maximize and leverage
your income!!Our founding membership positions are almost
full and thousands of new people are joining daily…

Unfortunately until you lock in..
Those new people are joining under someone
else’s downline :-(

You’ll be really glad you did! (Remember Empower??)
All the best,

Chineme Noke

PS Remember, it’s FREE to join – at least have a very good look!


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