Another Form of Internet Biz… Dropshipping


In my last post I outlined that selling wholesaleproducts was another form of internet marketing that did not involve downloading digital products.

Following on from that, why not have your own wholesale business with your own fully stocked website with top brand-named products?

I came across this ingenious concept where virtually all of the work is done for you while you collect the profits.  It’s true –

Dropship can earn you money… lot’s of it!

The start up costs are very low, which is an obvious plus if you’re just starting out, but that also makes it attractive to long-time marketers who don’t want to be fussing about with orders, shipping etc.

The owners claim that their program is “the best out there – even for people that have NO PRIOR EXPERIENCE in selling merchandise online”.

I don’t know about that, all I know is that it’s a shopper’s paradise as site owners also get the highly discounted prices, and also the biz owner’s dream in that we can set our own offer prices (or ‘mark-up’ which I believe is the technical term)!

The bottom line is very simple – our job is to advertise the products in order to generate sales.  Their customer care team will take care of everything else for us.  Marvelous.

You can sell products on eBay, on Amazon, from your own website, from your own eBay store, in flea markets, or anywhere else you want!

And listen to this…

The best part is that you pay for the merchandise only AFTER you’ve sold it.
This means you don’t have to buy any products up front before selling them!

How absolutely fantastic is that?!

Today’s internet marketing view is:

Go sell um!

Dropship Business

Talk soon.


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