Sokule meets KuleSpace – the double it deal!


I am an avid fan of social media sites, especially those designed for business owners to interact with like-minded individuals.  There is a new kid on the net and it’s set to take online marketing by storm – think of MySpace for business! 

Just as Sokule was created to enable business owners to post messages like Twitter but have them blasted all over the net, KuleSpace has been created to work hand in glove with Sokule.  And there’s a humdinger of a deal being offered right now to give access to both of these social/business media sites.

So enamoured am I with this innovative site that I’m reproducing a very special message from Jane, the creator of Sokule:

“In exactly one month Sokule will turn
1 year old and, on August 25th, we will
be holding a celebration to beat the
band but…

The party starts right now.

Here is the deal.

Quick and easy

We just launched a sister site to Sokule.
It’s called Kule Space

And I am going to make this prediction right now

1 Year from now Kule Space will be as
powerful as Sokule as they are being
Designed to work hand in glove.

So here’s the deal…

Become a founder at Sokule, today, and we
will give you a founding membership at
Sokule’s sister site, Kule space, for nada,

absolutely free.

A Kule Space founding membership sells
for 2995.00 and you get it absolutely
fr*ee  when you join Sokule as a founder.

You heard right.

Become a Sokule Founding Member and
we will give you a founding membership
in Kule Space at absolutely no cost
if you act today.

Join Sokule

Sokule has grown into one of the most
powerful advertising sites on the net
with it’s reach daily to over 1.1 million
people and it’s 70 Social Media sites
that you can post to instantly.

Sokule is the one ton of power advertising
you need to succeed at your own business

Our founding memberships at Sokule are
worth their weight in gold.

You pay once and that’s it.
You earn our highest commissions at 50%.
You can earn big chucks of change as
well as monthly recurring income at Sokule.

You can post to all of our 70 Social Media sites
and blogs instantly with just 1 click.

You can post 3 times a day on Kule Wall
which reaches 1.1 million people.

You can pre Schedule up to 25 post at one time.
You can auto welcome your trackers.
You can build a list of trackers almost
instantly using the 5 million sokens
that come with your membership.
You can email those trackers every three days.

You can use every application in Sokule and
every one we add in the future.

You get two free business listings in the
members area of Sokule – big listings!

You get a special Sokule founder seal which
clicks through to your affiliate link and
helps you sell other founding memberships.
When you do, a nice fat commission of
897.50 lands in your pocket.

You get 5 million sokens with the deal.
Those are worth 6,350.00 just on their own

You get first crack at doing JV deals with
Phil and I. We have done many deals with
our sokule founding members. You get
our ear and our attention as a founder
of Sokule.

You can customize your posting page with
links and videos and graphics.

You can send messages as long as you like
using Sokwall and instantly they will appear
on Twitter and Facebook and MySpace and 67
other Social Media sites and blogs.

You can post short messages.
You can ping 33 weblogs to increase your
search engine rankings.

And most importantly, you will be one of
a very exclusive group.

We are only ever going to sell 1500 Sokule
founding membership and almost 900 have
already been sold.

You will find everything you get with your
founding membership right in the members
area of Sokule in the upgrade box.

Sokule is our most powerful advertising site.
I have never used anything with this kind
of advertising reach in my life and, as I have
said, I have been around the block a while :-)

So here’s all you do.
Grab your founding membership to Sokule today
 – join free.

Next upgrade to founder in the Sokule members

Then join our sister site, Kule Space
which is in pre launch and
I will upgrade
your Kule Space account to Founder immediately

Join KuleSpace

This is one of the best deals you are going
to see on the net.

Kule Space is in it’s infancy.
We just pre launched it.

Most of you have seen the way Sokule
has grown into the Gentle Giant of Advertising.

Kule Space will be just as powerful.

We are giving you 2995 for a founding membership
in Kule Space once you become a founder in
Sokule and it will cost you nothing.

These two sites will work hand in glove as
Kule space develops over time.

Go for it.


Jane Mark
Sokule Inc

PS And in case you haven’t heard about
Kule Space – it’s Your Space. You do it
your way and…

Join Kulespace

You earn fast start bonuses for every upgrade
– 25.00 a pop.
You earn 50% commission on three levels.
You can use every application in there
and every one we ever add.
You get one free year of Advertising at
Kule Space once we put advertising in place
in about 3 weeks.
You get 5000 points at Kule Space.
And 5 million sokens at Sokule.

On it’s own, It is a super deal worth 2995.00
Today you get it free with your Sokule founding

PPS If you are already a founding member
of Sokule and have not yet upgraded at Kule
Space, please contact me for the special
founders upgrade link which will get you
the same deal I am offering above.


So, what are you waiting for??!!

Talk soon.


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