Automated Traffic Generation Software Programs


The ingenuity and sheer brilliance of today’s innovative internet
marketers never ceases to amaze me!

I’m always on the look out for affiliate programs that convert into
some nice residual income from Clickbank, i.e. they must be tried
and tested and prove to work as described to ensure effective use
and a high volume of sales!

I have been reviewing some of the recent traffic generation launches
which boast of requiring no particular technical knowledge to
implement and operate so that the most phobic of techno’s (like
myself, can have them up and running – AND PRODUCING THE DESIRED RESULTS – within a reasonable time.

I will give my Internet Marketing Views and experience on the
workings of three of these (without giving away any proprietory
secrets).  They can be accessed here:


I must say that I found all three to be extremely creative and very,
very, clever.

1.  Auto Traffic Hijack (ATH)

I was keen to find out what this “secrect traffic source” was and
was indeed surprised to discover what it is and how it works.  I
ensured I upgraded to make sure that the ATH process was as
automated as possible and was pleasantly surprised at the mechanics
of the automated process.

There were a few initial glitches with the software (possibly due to
the sheer intricacies of it) which the vendors swiftly corrected by
introducing various add-ons to streamline the process.

Once I had mastered the quick start guide the software was
relatively easy to use (although it took a little longer than I
would have hoped) and ATH did indeed work as described.

2.  Xtreme Traffic Arbitrage (ATA)

This is my absolute favourite!  XTA combines an effective traffic
generating technique with the creation of various niches and takes
it to another level.  I again upgraded to ensure the best benefits
of automation of the software (which would otherwise have entailed
the spending of many more man-hours than I was prepared to spend).

I am very impressed with the business model which can be used time
and again in whatever niche you may be interested.  It will require
some additional investment depending on how far and wide you are
prepared to take it but certainly nothing major.

Due to the nature of this innovation, the concept has longevity for
any niche in any location and really does offer exceptional value
for money with high returns.

3.  Traffic Anarchy (TA)

The simplicity of use of TA is very impressive.  Included is the
automated process of submitting content of your choice in any niche
to directories, as press releases, as rss feeds and via social
bookmarking sites.

The efficient automated process extends to creating multiple
accounts for you, and push-button easy submission to the relevant
places.  One aspect that I absolutely love is that they actually
provide you with literally hundreds of articles and blogs related to
online marketing that you can alter and tweak in any way you choose.

I found that this drastically reduces the time required to market
effectively in these areas while providing in-depth, valuable

Again, the cost of this software is relatively low given the
benefits provided.


All three of these automated software programs provide very good value for money but it is important to implement them correctly and, more importantly, ACTUALLY USE THEM in your online efforts!

I will continue to look into more of the creative traffic-generating
techniques on the market and bring you my Internet Marketing Views as I progress.

Please contribute by leaving your comments on these programs or any others that you have found exceptional.

Talk soon.