Update on the Viral Cash Blast program and Upgrade option.

http://internetmarketingviews.com:  Update on the Viral Cash Blast program and Upgrade option.


Some members of the group have requested more information on the VCB site that I wrote about a few days ago and the merits of upgrading.  The program is still in prelaunch and is growing rapidly.

I have taken the benefit of an early upgrade (just $4.95) so that I could have a look around in the back office and see what exactly upgraded  premium members would be receiving.

It is essentially a special membership site with sought after internet marketing products.  The heavywieghts of online marketing are all on board (and are on our team!) such as Jane Mark and Mike G.

Upgraded premium members get:

– you get a bonus of 1 million Sokens (Sokule credits) free.  This is worth $1270.00.  If you are not yet a member, join free here:

Worksmart with Sokule.

– you get video courses

– you get training products

– SEO tactics

– tips on making money with no money

And there are lots and lots of valuable products which will be constantly updated, all in one place (so far, over $2459.00 in value).

Premium members also get their own squeeze page which is slightly different to the one everyone else is using – see mine here:

VCB Bonus.

It is stated that in the future, membership fees will be from $97 to $197 per month for those whom have not registered during this prelaunch phase.

Therefore, if you have not yet signed up, do so free just to get yourself in there.  If you have signed up, consider whether you want to take advantage of the $4.95 trial upgrade to lock in your premium position and to see for yourself all that you’ll getting and, more importantly, what people you introduce to the program will be getting.

For what it’s worth, this seems to me to be a fantastic opportunity to ensure your ongoing internet marketing success – if you make use of what is provided for you.

Any more questions, please feel free to drop me a line.

Talk soon.


Go Big or Go Home, Tom says…

Go Big or Go Home, Tom says…


Do you have any questions about internet
marketing?  No matter what level you may
have reached in your internet marketing
experience, I have found that there’s always
something else that you haven’t thought of
or haven’t yet been shown.

There’s a great new resource by Tom Abrozewicz,
in MP3 format (with printable transcripts) which
brings together the teachings of four internet
marketing powerhouses to teach what they
know will bring you success.

Tom states, “What’s more, such astonishing
success is actually easier to achieve than
you might think. Because you only need
two ingredients for the sort of mind-blowing
success and wealth that will make this the
year your life really takes off:

1. The insider secrets of success.

2.   The determination and mindset to put
those secrets into action.

And – to BE the best … you must know
what the VERY BEST internet marketing
entrepreneurs already know about accomplishing
both these goals”.

This series is in four parts and is called the
unique, ‘Go Big or Go Home Masterclass‘.

There’s a 60 day money back guarantee so there’s
nothing to lose and, if you’re quick, you’ll be
able to get your hands on it for a truly knock-
down price.  It’s perfect for listening to over
and over again on your ipod or in your car, and
very easy to start implementing the strategies
straight away.

So, today’s Internet Marketing View is, go get
‘Go Big or Go Home’ today and make sure to be
on that tried and tested road to internet
marketing success!

Talk soon.