Quit Your Job and Network – Virally


As usual I’ve been looking at various programs in order to provide my ‘internet marketing view’.

Quit Your Job Course caught my eye recently. It was promoted to me as the total and complete marketers site, allowing you  to capture names and email addresses from every click on the net and after looking into it – I have to say I am impressed.

I joined and took the upgrades – I figured, they offer a money back guarantee so why not..? You are not in any way required to take the upgrades to get the benefits of the site. However, they do multiply the benefits, I have found.

What a concept – I must say.
The building of a list online is perhaps one of the most important skills you can ever have and this site is the most incredibly easy to use system
to literally explode your list.

This benefits WHATEVER you promote.
No matter if it is a Clickbank product, a matrix, an MLM or ANYTHING. Even Google ad words and ‘traditional’ style of marketing can reap huge benefits from this site.

You get to create your own opt in lists on total autopilot.

Now there have been other sites that have done this, but none that then throw in a TOTAL Auto-responder system and Email marketing follow up system as well.

The ‘Secret Weapon’ Sales system is a method for showing FULL PAGE ads –
And not just from clicks on your own links – but from clicks on links across the whole network and in fact across the ENTIRE INTERNET!!

Imagine that –
Totally targeted, unblock-able, Full page ad views from people that have already said they are interested…..

That alone is going to put a lot of dough in my pocket over the years to come.

And this works virally–meaning as you make referrals into Quit Your Job Course (either by promoting it or just using it and visitors click the Quit Your Job Course image on the Full Page ad window to join) you also earn ad credits on THEIR link clicks.  And this works up to 5 levels deep.  So you can create a massive amount of free ad views and web traffic by referring others to Quit Your Job Course also.

I didn’t get to test the full effect of a big down-line yet (I just got the tool) but I can tell you the rest of the site works exactly as stated–my links got clicked, My list is growing at a rate I have never seen before, and my ads got displayed.  Quit Your Job Course even tracked my results so I know how many clicks and how many ad displays.  That was an impressive unadvertised extra feature.

There is one more benefit and feature which might be the best of them all–down-line emailing.  You can email your down-line with offers, promotions, or whatever you like, and here is where Quit Your Job Course really shines.  They took time to make the emailing often enough that it’s valuable as a user, but no so often that it’s a burden to your down-line.  But the best part about this feature (and actually the credit earning too) is that it tells you exactly how long until you can mail again. They even give you an instant 250 Member down-line to mail to – before your first referral, but…  THE TOP LEVEL IS WHERE TO BE FOR SERIOUS MARKETERS – A GUARANTEED 3000 MEMBER MAIL OUT COMES WITH THE PACKAGE… Whoa!

Overall I have to say I am impressed with Quit Your Job Course.  It is simple yet powerful, and delivers on its promises.  Highly recommended to anyone who wants to explode their list and benefit from some excellent advertising.

See it and join here: (I negotiated to give anyone that joins through my link, instant EXECUTIVE membership, but this is not forever, so make haste)

Quit Your Job!

Yes, indeed.

Talk soon.



Why You Should Promote Residual Affiliate Programs


Are you a webmaster in need of additional income?
Or are you planning to set up an online business
but you still don’t have any product to sell?
If so, affiliate marketing may be the best solution
for your problems.  With affiliate marketing, you
won’t need to worry about the products you have
to sell.  All you need to have is a website with
sufficient contents that are related to the products
of a certain online company offering affiliate
programs.  By becoming a member of the program,
or by becoming an affiliate, you can start earning
a certain amount of money right away!

At the end of this piece you’ll see how you can
totally automate the process for phenomenal results.

Affiliate marketing is some sort of business
relationship established between a merchant and
his affiliates.  In affiliate marketing, an
affiliate agrees to direct some traffic to a
merchant’s website.  If that traffic is converted
into some kind of action, like a visitor purchasing
a product on the merchant’s website or a visitor
becoming a lead for the company, the affiliate
who directed the traffic will be compensated.
Compensation may take the form of either a percentage
sales commission for the sales generated or a
fixed fee predetermined upon the application of
the affiliate on the merchant’s affiliate program.

Promising a lot of benefits both for the merchants
and the affiliates, affiliate marketing has become
one of the most popular online marketing methods
today.  In fact, almost every merchant or retailer
site today offers an affiliate program that any one
can join into.  Most retailers would entice people
to become affiliates or members of their program by
promising great benefits like large commissions,
lifetime commissions, click through incomes and alot
of other benefits.  But would all these affiliate
programs bring off the same benefits?

Most affiliate programs would pay you, as an
affiliate, a one-time commission for every sale
or lead you brought to the merchant’s website.
Commissions for this kind of affiliate programs
are usually large, ranging from 15% to a high of
about 60%.  Other affiliate programs would pay
you a fixed fee for every click through or traffic
you send to the merchant’s site.  Programs like
this often pay a smaller fee for every click
through, usually not getting any larger than
half a dollar.  The good thing about this kind
of program, however, is that the visitor won’t
have to purchase anything in order for the
affiliate to get compensated.

Another type of affiliate program is the residual
income affiliate program.  Residual affiliate
programs usually pay only a small percentage of
sales commission for every sale directed by the
affiliate to the merchant’s site.  This commission
often comes only in the range of 10% to 20% sales
commission.  Because of this, many people ignore
residual affiliate program and would rather opt
for the high paying one-time commission affiliate
program.  Are these people making a mistake, or
are they making the right decision?

We can’t tell, for sure, if people are making a
mistake by choosing a high paying one-time
commission affiliate program.  But we can
definitely say that they are making a large
mistake if they ignore residual affiliate
programs.  Residual affiliate programs would
indeed pay at a lower rate, but merchants
offering such kind of programs would generally
pay you regular and ongoing commissions for a
single affiliate initiated sale!  That means,
for the same effort you made in promoting a
particular affiliate program, you get paid only
once in a one-time commission program, and a
regular and ongoing commission for a residual

So, are the benefits of promoting residual
affiliate programs clearer to you now?  Or
are they still vague?  If they are still vague,
then let’s make them a bit clearer with this

Suppose there are two online merchants both
offering web hosting services on their sites.
The first merchant offers a one-time commission
type of affiliate program that pays $80 for
every single affiliate initiated sale.  The
second merchant also offers an affiliate program,
but this time a residual affiliate program
that pays only $10 for every single affiliate
initiated sale.  As an affiliate, we may get
attracted at once at what the first merchant
is offering, as $80 is definitely a lot larger
than $10.  But by thinking things over before
actually getting into them, one may be able
to see that the second merchant is offering
us more opportunity to earn a larger amount
of money.

Supposed you have directed traffic to the
merchant and it converted into a sale, you’ll
get paid once by the first merchant for the
sale you have initiated.  But with the second
merchant, you’ll get paid monthly for as long
as the customer you have referred to the merchant
continues to avail of the web hosting service.
That means that for the same effort of getting
one customer to avail of the merchant’s service,
you get paid monthly in residual affiliate
programs while you only get paid once in a
one-time commission type of affiliate programs.

So, are residual affiliate programs worth promoting?
Definitely yes, because you virtually get more
money from these types of affiliate programs in
the long run!  And would residual affiliate programs
work best for you?  Probably not, probably yes.
It is not really for me to tell.  But with the
benefits that residual affiliate marketing can
provide, it would really be unwise to ignore such

If you would like to get started, why not be led by
the hand and learn, step by step, the automated
income stream method?

Click here for all the lucrative details.

Talk soon.


Facebook and Social Media – The Next Marketing Opportunity


Marketing as an activity is all about reaching the right customers with the right products, and the result sought is delighted customers who are more than willing to open their purses wide enough to boost your revenues. For many years, marketers stalked their target customers through various means and by trying to get their message across to spread awareness about their wares.

Traditional Means of Communication

Traditionally, marketing communications were conducted via print, broadcast and such traditional media through disruptive advertising, where advertisements appear in between the content of interest for the customer.

Traditional media does give a large reach to a marketer with its programming of mass appeal. However, the wastage is equally high, since a large portion of the audience would belong to a different segment than the one that is to be targeted by the marketer.

Enter Social Media and the Internet

The revolution stirred by the internet as a medium took place because of the fact that it is highly personalized and provides more content on-demand than any other available medium. Social sites proliferated far and wide in their usage for a few simple reasons:

The power to create and distribute content is equally available to every user, irrespective of him/her being a customer or a marketer. In the earlier forms of media, that power rested with the editorial staff of the channel or the advertiser, but hardly ever with the user.

The medium is completely personalized, and a user can create or join groups and further create content based on what he/she likes.

Opinions are free and fair. This is one reason why social media is of utmost concern to marketers, since buying decisions are no more influenced as much by advertisements. The traditional word-of-mouth marketing approach has grown leaps and bounds on social networks.

Facebook – At the Center of Social Media

With 500 million (and growing) unique users worldwide, Facebook is the number one social networking site in terms of activity and subscriptions. What started as a garage initiative by Mark Zuckerberg has now become the biggest phenomenon on the internet.

A user interface that allows for quick communication and the ability to create fan pages and groups at the click of a mouse button are what make Facebook extremely popular. Another important reason for its immense popularity is the wide variety of social applications that have been developed and made available within the Facebook environment.

These applications can allow users and friends to do joint activities like playing games that run endlessly, sharing photos, videos, and web links, and many more.

How does this help a marketer?

Traditionally, media plans were drawn to include television channels, publications, or any other media that can grab maximum eyeballs and effectively reach a selected target audience. The science of segmentation and targeting has become only more accurate in the case of social media.

Facebook provides a wide variety of avenues to communicate with the audience, which opens up an entirely different world of possibilities to have a fruitful dialogue with customers. Some of these methods used popularly by marketers are:

Advertising:  The first opportunity, which is the most obvious one, is advertising on Facebook. The difference, however, is the fact that you can create your own advertisement in a matter of minutes and also specify the details of your target group in terms of demographics and types of discussions where you want your advertisement to appear.

Fan Pages:  Facebook allows every brand, as well as individual users, to create fan pages for their favorite celebrities and their own homegrown businesses. Large brands have also created their official pages on Facebook that have a huge, immediate fan following around the world. The fan page has immense utility to convey first hand information about the brand and also to collect immediate and frank feedback from your customers.

Branded applications:  One of the most effective ways to engage a user toward your brand is by creating an application; this could be a game or a contest, with your branding coming across subtly through it.

What makes Facebook even more exciting is the way it allows you to target your communication sharply just to the customer segment you want to attract. It also provides analytics and page insights that give good feedback and measurement on the activity done.

The options provided by Facebook can be creatively explored and used judiciously for bringing about maximum benefits to any brand.

However, while doing all this, you need to be aware of the fact that customers have an equal say and have the ability to respond immediately to any of your actions with a thumbs up or a thumbs down. Availing the service of a social media consultant to work out a social media strategy may be required so that your efforts will not be in vain.

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Talk soon.

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