Are You Integrated with Google Direct Connect?


It really is a good idea for you to get integrated with Google Direct Connect.

Google Direct Connect is a brand new feature in Google search that brings your customers straight to you. It’s an easy way for them to find your Google Plus Page and not a bunch of junk sites that just mention your brand name.

Google Plus Pages are like Facebook fan pages for Google Plus. Google Plus is the big, new social media site and most folks are still on the fence about it. Smart folks, however, have jumped straight off that fence and are signed up because who knows, it may be huge. After all, it’s Google’s social media site and it plans to give Facebook a run for its money.


Calling all bookworms – are you fed up with wading through all the stuff on Amazon? Well, go here for the best bits:


Searching with Google Direct Connect

Like the name suggests, Google Direct Connect connects people directly to your Google Plus Page. They type in ‘+’ and then the name of your brand, and it takes them straight to your Google Plus Page, no fuss and no bother.

This new feature is really new. It doesn’t work with all pages yet. But what it effectively does is puts your profile on Google Plus at the very top of the search results. The link and description for your site appear right below the search box. Local businesses couldn’t ask for anything better from the search engine giant.

The only trouble with Google Direct Connect is that at the time of this writing, it’s not available for everybody. You have to meet The Big G’s standards of worthiness. What does it take to get connected?

 You have to have a link from your Google Plus Page to your website and vice versa.
 You’ve got to have a Google Plus button on your website.
 And you have to meet some vague standards that Google mentions on its website about relevance and popularity. What this means is probably that your site has to be established and getting some traffic already.

The long and short of it is that in order to appear at the very top for Google Direct Connect searches, all you need to do is advertise Google Plus. That’s some smart marketing!

But another purpose of the verification is to make sure that it’s your brand’s official page that shows up and not an impostor’s. Although Google Plus isn’t too bad (yet), other social media sites like Facebook are rife with imitators. A fake page pretending to be you could actually beat you in search results.

Google Direct Connect is just the latest move to integrate everything with the King of Search Engines, and it offers some great advantages for your business. If you haven’t already gotten into Google Plus, now might be a good time to create your profile and start building a stronger relationship with the search engine giant.

When you get there, add me to your Circles!

Talk soon.

Presenting Your Future

Web Marketing Solutions – 3 Powerful Secrets To Make Money Online


Today’s offering about marketing online is provided by Thomas

Internet marketing is fast becoming the largest avenue for income.
Your website is where all the traffic is driven to so it must be
user friendly to draw a reader’s interest immediately or you lose
them. It only takes a few seconds to make an impression so you want
it to be a positive one. Your website must look professional and
easy to read. Since most people want to understand what your website
is about, you may want to use images with links. A picture is worth
a 1000 words and what you don’t want is a lot of clutter.

Assuming that you have your website in place, here are 3 powerful
secrets to make money online:

1. Short articles: Writing short topical articles based on keyword
searches. We call this article marketing which is a powerful way to
draw interest to your website. This only takes a short time and your
costs are absolutely nothing. There are many article directories in
which you may post your article but the largest is Ezine Articles.
Articles that are posted in this fashion give you a target market,
which makes the leads higher quality.

2. Short Videos: Creating short videos are another powerful tool you
can use to drive traffic your website. You can be smart and take the
article that you have just written and make a short 2 – 4 minute
video with the exact content. Not only does this save you valuable
time but also is real easy. Either by using a web cam in which you
just read your article making it sound like a story or by creating a
slide show with music and voice over. In each case it is extremely
important that you always include your website link to drive traffic
to your website.

3. Social Media: This is one of the newest marketing strategies
today. They’re almost 550 million people using just Facebook as of
2010 not to mention the other Social Media sites available today.
The trick to the Social Media sites is to keep in mind that they are
social sites, what is meant by social is that they are friends
talking to friends. People are building relationships over the
Internet and that is their primary function. You don’t want to
plaster a bunch of business ads you will lose out. On the other hand
when you build relationships you build trust and therefore
creditability. When you have creditability your friends will be more
likely to refer friends.

Any form of marketing that you decide to do you must create a daily
habit. The power of creating a daily habit is that you add to your
free marketing each day, every little bit that you do will drive a
little more traffic to your website. A little each day will go along
way and the best news is that these marketing avenues are free. What
you do each day will pay dividends for years to come.

Thomas Freers is an Online Marketing Coach for what is arguably the
World’s Largest Internet Marketing School available today. He
specializes in Article Marketing, Social Media networking and
various other Marketing Strategies and works with small and large
companies and helps customize their marketing campaigns. To learn
more about Thomas Freers and to see more effective principles to
explode your business and Internet business in order to create big
profits please visit

Many thanks, Thomas.

Talk soon.


Sokule meets KuleSpace – the double it deal!


I am an avid fan of social media sites, especially those designed for business owners to interact with like-minded individuals.  There is a new kid on the net and it’s set to take online marketing by storm – think of MySpace for business! 

Just as Sokule was created to enable business owners to post messages like Twitter but have them blasted all over the net, KuleSpace has been created to work hand in glove with Sokule.  And there’s a humdinger of a deal being offered right now to give access to both of these social/business media sites.

So enamoured am I with this innovative site that I’m reproducing a very special message from Jane, the creator of Sokule:

“In exactly one month Sokule will turn
1 year old and, on August 25th, we will
be holding a celebration to beat the
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The party starts right now.

Here is the deal.

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We just launched a sister site to Sokule.
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So here’s the deal…

Become a founder at Sokule, today, and we
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You heard right.

Become a Sokule Founding Member and
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Join Sokule

Sokule has grown into one of the most
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Sokule is the one ton of power advertising
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Our founding memberships at Sokule are
worth their weight in gold.

You pay once and that’s it.
You earn our highest commissions at 50%.
You can earn big chucks of change as
well as monthly recurring income at Sokule.

You can post to all of our 70 Social Media sites
and blogs instantly with just 1 click.

You can post 3 times a day on Kule Wall
which reaches 1.1 million people.

You can pre Schedule up to 25 post at one time.
You can auto welcome your trackers.
You can build a list of trackers almost
instantly using the 5 million sokens
that come with your membership.
You can email those trackers every three days.

You can use every application in Sokule and
every one we add in the future.

You get two free business listings in the
members area of Sokule – big listings!

You get a special Sokule founder seal which
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When you do, a nice fat commission of
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You get 5 million sokens with the deal.
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You get first crack at doing JV deals with
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our sokule founding members. You get
our ear and our attention as a founder
of Sokule.

You can customize your posting page with
links and videos and graphics.

You can send messages as long as you like
using Sokwall and instantly they will appear
on Twitter and Facebook and MySpace and 67
other Social Media sites and blogs.

You can post short messages.
You can ping 33 weblogs to increase your
search engine rankings.

And most importantly, you will be one of
a very exclusive group.

We are only ever going to sell 1500 Sokule
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You will find everything you get with your
founding membership right in the members
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Sokule is our most powerful advertising site.
I have never used anything with this kind
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So here’s all you do.
Grab your founding membership to Sokule today
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Next upgrade to founder in the Sokule members

Then join our sister site, Kule Space
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I will upgrade
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Join KuleSpace

This is one of the best deals you are going
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Kule Space is in it’s infancy.
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Most of you have seen the way Sokule
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Kule Space will be just as powerful.

We are giving you 2995 for a founding membership
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These two sites will work hand in glove as
Kule space develops over time.

Go for it.


Jane Mark
Sokule Inc

PS And in case you haven’t heard about
Kule Space – it’s Your Space. You do it
your way and…

Join Kulespace

You earn fast start bonuses for every upgrade
– 25.00 a pop.
You earn 50% commission on three levels.
You can use every application in there
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You get one free year of Advertising at
Kule Space once we put advertising in place
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You get 5000 points at Kule Space.
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On it’s own, It is a super deal worth 2995.00
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PPS If you are already a founding member
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So, what are you waiting for??!!

Talk soon.


The Online YOU – the relevance of Social Media in Internet Marketing


I came across a very interesting article about the art & business of crafting your online self by Tara Gentile and I began to think about this very concept in terms of marketing your business online.

You have no doubt heard the mantra that people buy from those whom they trust, so how can you possibly trust someone whom you’ve never met and who could live on the other side of the world?

In Tara’s words, “how do you communicate the “essence of you” to people who’ve never met you before?”  I believe that this question is even more important when you’re asking people to part with their money for something that you are offering online.

So, how do you communicate the “essence of you” so that you will be trusted enough for relative strangers to do business with you over the internet?

Why, through social media of course.  There are more and more social media sites appearing across the net which devote a large part of themselves to business networking online.

Even Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, MySpace and many other ‘social’ networking sites have recognised that business people are a very important aspect of their online presence these days.

But there are sites that now go further and devote themselves almost exclusively to business professionals who want to meet and do business with other business professionals.  However, the above mantra will still apply in human relationships – people generally tend to do business with others that they feel that they know and trust.

With that in mind, these business networking sites focus more on the background – both personal and professional – of their members and usually have some sort of rating system whereby members can rate other members on the quality of their prior business dealings and general interactions.

This sort of rating helps to shorten the learning curve for busy marketers whom have little time to make any in depth background checks on online entrepreneurs other than the good old ‘Google search’.

Quite apart from the quality of the products and services being offered, people want to know whether or not potential business partners are ‘nice’ people or ‘good eggs’.  After all, who wants to do business with rougues or scoundrels?

This is precisely why “The Online You” is a crucial factor in internet marketing and why you must portray yourself effectively and extensively across the net using social media and, more relevantly, business networking sites.

They are geared towards business professionals and they even combine  affiliate programs and referral bonuses for members to add to their business arsenals.

These business networking sites are many and varied but there are a few new kids on the block that I’ve written about before that I believe are going to be taking the online business world by storm.  There is also another that is due to launch within the next couple of weeks and is currently in beta mode.  More on that to come.

Ending with some more of Tara’s thoughtful post:

“you know me as the words i write, the information i share, and the people i introduce you to. i am all those things, put together, and examined.

but i am nothing without relationships

if its not for you, the people who i work hard to cultivate relationships with, i am nothing.”

Quite so.

Talk soon.

Chineme –

The Phenomenon of the Freebie


Today I’m making some observations on an interesting feature of internet/affiliate marketing (or a strata of internet marketers) regarding the ideology behind signing up for free stuff to the exclusion of all else.  This is what I call The Phenomenon of the Freebie.

It appears that many people who are trying to make a decent income from working on the internet will only get involved with a program so long as it’s free.  We all love to get something for nothing but it’s very important to ensure that anything we obtain has some value – be it free or paid for.

Online marketing is no different to offline marketing in that in order to be successful, people need to know about one’s product or service and therefore one needs to market effectively via various means including advertising, blogs, social media etc etc.

Therefore, it is rarely the case that one can have a successful business online without spending some money!  I know of many people who join affiliate programs or advertising sites but neglect to upgrade or activate their membership due, it appears, to there being a cost involved.  Therefore, they struggle to make their enterprises work for them because they have not invested the necessary funds in order to ensure some degree of success.

Even worse, some excellent training programs are overlooked simply because the ones investing their time and expertise to teach others are asking for a fee for the privilege.  Again, in the offline world, although one may find some good training programs for no charge, it really is a matter of getting what one pays for.

To be successful on the net it takes dilligence, discipline and an investment of time and money.  Advertising is essential and one needs to go beyond the freebie to have any real impact.

Who was it that said, “Early to bed, early to rise, work like hell and advertise!”?  This is so true.  Again, one gets what one pays for so do not be dismayed if you opt only for free advertising sources and fail to reach any level of success.  Paid advertising generally targets other marketers who have proved their seriousness by putting their hands in their pockets.  In order to reach those hungry buyers, one also has to become one of them.

Also, if one is aiming to build a team, team members will emulate what you do.  If you upgrade, they are more likely to upgrade.  If you remain a free member, so will they.  This means stagnation and no natural flow of money.  This means death to your business!

Sure, grab whatever freebies you can but ensure you’re not wasting your time.  Ensure they offer some value.  Otherwise, pay that upgrade fee and begin to take your business to the next level.


I referred to marketing using various methods such as advertising, blogs, social media etc.  There are some excellent sites emerging which target all of these areas and even have very generous affiliate programs. To name but two:

Sokule – “Not your grandmother’s social networking site.”

Aaachoo! – “Can’t stop once you start.”

Check them out.  You can certainly join free but the real benefits for you and your business are found in upgrading!

Talk soon.

Chineme –

Guide to Sokule – So What?  Sokule – So What?


In previous posts I have mentioned Sokule (tag – not your grandmother’s social media site).

Today, the definitive guide to Sokule, and social networking generally,  has just launched.

==> Sokule – So What

It’s the complete brandable guide for one of the
most popular Social Media Sites on the net.

–  You can brand it with your own links. It’s all
done online. Easy as 1,2,3.

–  You can add your own Social Media ids to the
members area.

– You can mail to your list 5 levels deep.

– You can earn commissions.

– You can get paid every Friday.

I’ve made it part of my permanent advertising arsenal as I
post at Sokule every single day.  If you’re looking for a way to
connect far and wide on the net with your message, see what
it offers and grab your copy today:

==> Sokule – So What

Much success, and talk soon.

Chineme Noke