Are you a Nurturing Networker?


I came across this well considered blog today posted by Steve Blumenfeld (website details at the bottom) who says, “My wife wrote a blog on relationship marketing in the form of networking”…

Are You a Nurturing Networker?
What exactly is a nurturing networker, and why does being one matter?
If you are in business you probably think of networking as a necessary part of marketing. You find some groups of other business people, you go to their events, and you talk about your business. Your focus is primarily on you, your needs, your sales.

If you can help someone else without too much effort, you probably will, but mostly you are trying to encourage others to help you. If you attend a couple events and get few good business leads, you decide it’s a waste of time and stop going.

The mindset of a Nurturing Networker is very different. And yes, being a Nurturing Networker starts in your mind. You see networking as a way of life, not a series of events you need to attend for your business. Whether in a group setting or talking to someone individually, you are networking.

You think of networking as primarily a way to connect, develop relationships, and help other people. As you are listening to someone you are looking for an opportunity to make a connection or otherwise assist them with their goals. When you are alone, you spend some time thinking about your contacts and how you might be able to help them.

As a Nurturing Networker, you know it’s all about the other person, and by focusing on them you will benefit much more than you will if you focus on you. Nurturing is defined as promoting the development of someone else by providing nourishment, support, and encouragement during the stages of growth.

As a Nurturing Networker, you recognize that everyone is in a different place in their business and their life. You can nourish them by promoting them to others. You can support them by providing resources and ideas. You can encourage them by inspiring them with confidence and courage. You genuinely care about the whole person: their business, their family, their hobbies, their dreams. It shows in your actions.

Why does being a Nurturing Networker matter? It matters because you want to make a positive impact in the world, and the only way you can do that is through your relationships. It matters because it is more satisfying to give to others than to always be grasping for what you want and need.

When you are giving, what you need will come to you effortlessly. It matters because it will change the way you look at things, and your life will be richer. To your business success!

This blog was posted by my wife, Sara Blumenfeld and if you’ve enjoyed it, please visit to get a free report on networking mistakes that can cripple your business.


Are you a nurturing networker?  I will ensure that I’ll be one from here on in!

Talk soon.

Chineme –

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