Are You Integrated with Google Direct Connect?


It really is a good idea for you to get integrated with Google Direct Connect.

Google Direct Connect is a brand new feature in Google search that brings your customers straight to you. It’s an easy way for them to find your Google Plus Page and not a bunch of junk sites that just mention your brand name.

Google Plus Pages are like Facebook fan pages for Google Plus. Google Plus is the big, new social media site and most folks are still on the fence about it. Smart folks, however, have jumped straight off that fence and are signed up because who knows, it may be huge. After all, it’s Google’s social media site and it plans to give Facebook a run for its money.


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Searching with Google Direct Connect

Like the name suggests, Google Direct Connect connects people directly to your Google Plus Page. They type in ‘+’ and then the name of your brand, and it takes them straight to your Google Plus Page, no fuss and no bother.

This new feature is really new. It doesn’t work with all pages yet. But what it effectively does is puts your profile on Google Plus at the very top of the search results. The link and description for your site appear right below the search box. Local businesses couldn’t ask for anything better from the search engine giant.

The only trouble with Google Direct Connect is that at the time of this writing, it’s not available for everybody. You have to meet The Big G’s standards of worthiness. What does it take to get connected?

 You have to have a link from your Google Plus Page to your website and vice versa.
 You’ve got to have a Google Plus button on your website.
 And you have to meet some vague standards that Google mentions on its website about relevance and popularity. What this means is probably that your site has to be established and getting some traffic already.

The long and short of it is that in order to appear at the very top for Google Direct Connect searches, all you need to do is advertise Google Plus. That’s some smart marketing!

But another purpose of the verification is to make sure that it’s your brand’s official page that shows up and not an impostor’s. Although Google Plus isn’t too bad (yet), other social media sites like Facebook are rife with imitators. A fake page pretending to be you could actually beat you in search results.

Google Direct Connect is just the latest move to integrate everything with the King of Search Engines, and it offers some great advantages for your business. If you haven’t already gotten into Google Plus, now might be a good time to create your profile and start building a stronger relationship with the search engine giant.

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Can Facebook Advertising Work For You?


Have you ever wondered whether or not to advertise on Facebook?  Quite apart from catching up with family and friends, Facebook advertising can be a cost effective way to pull in lots of traffic… if you’re in the right niche.

When you’re on Facebook, you’ve probably noticed the ads that appear on the side of the page. These are Facebook Ads and they’re paid ads from Facebook users. This is an advertising method that lots of people use to get traffic, fans, Likes and sales, and it can work for you too.

Why Facebook Ads Are So Effective

The really great thing about Facebook Ads is that they let you choose a highly targeted demographic. You can choose who sees the ad by age, gender, interests, location, education level, income level, and absolutely anything else people put on their profiles. This is huge – it’s way more targeted than either Google AdWords or Yahoo Ads, plus you get walked through the entire process.

Another advantage over those advertising methods is that your Facebook Ad comes with an image. It can be your logo, something eye-catching, or just a smiling face. This makes your ads much more visually appealing and they’re more likely to stand out.

Facebook Ads are very useful when you want to get a quick burst of traffic. For example, if you’ve just started a fan page and you’d like to get some activity going there, Facebook Ads can get you fans fast. You can set your own daily advertising limit and, once your page is up and running, you can then cancel the ad campaign.

Some factors to considder:

Before you sign up for your Facebook Ads campaign (and more importantly, fork over the money), there are a few things you should consider.

First of all, certain niches perform better with Facebook Ads than others. Some are hot and some are not. The gaming, tech, and dating niches are all huge on Facebook, while health niches generally don’t do so well. Don’t take it for granted that just because your niche is big, it’ll also be big on Facebook.

To make your ads work, you need to be able to write compelling copy. Social media is a bit different than direct mail or other types of copywriting. In general, people aren’t on Facebook to buy. They’re there to hang out, connect with others, and be entertained. Your ad has to appeal to this audience. You can learn how to write good copy by looking at popular ads to get ideas.

You also have to make sure that they’re going to like what they see after they click the link and come to your page. In other words, the ad should be relevant and target the right people, and your page’s content has to deliver what it promises.

Before You Get Started…

Before you start your Facebook Ads campaign, make sure that you have a clear objective for it in mind. What do you want people to do when they hit your fan page? If you have this clear in your mind and focus your efforts on it, your Facebook Ads will achieve their objective and pay off big-time.

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3 Ways a Facebook Fan page can Increase Your Popularity


In these social media savvy times, it is important that online marketers are actually visible online!  One very effective way of ensuring this is to set up and/or enhance your Facebook fan page or pages.

I will be sharing a few tips on how to do this effectively in my next few blog posts, starting with this one:-

If you are responsible for marketing your business, then you absolutely must extend your efforts into the world of social media.  And if you are marketing through social media, you absolutely must create a Facebook fan page.  Facebook fan pages are different from regular member profile pages in a number of ways, and are the perfect way to increase awareness about your business and its offerings.  If you are still on the fence about Facebook and what it can do for your business, then you owe the fan page interface some serious consideration.  Here are three ways in which a Facebook fan page can increase your popularity:

Friends list limitations versus likes.  Facebook profile pages allow for only five thousand friends.  When you do get friend requests, you have to take the time to either approve or deny them.  Now, five thousand may sound like a lot of friends, but not when you are a business competing with businesses that have hundreds of thousands of customers and counting.  When you convert to a Facebook fan page, your “friends list” changes in a couple of ways: first off, the five thousand limit is lifted, and second off, you no longer have to approve new friends.  People simply hit the “like” button at the top of your page and they are automatically subscribed . . . which means everyone on their friends lists sees this activity in the news feed.

Advertisements.  Once you have a business fan page set up, you can take advantage of Facebook advertisements.  Facebook allows you to customize your ads to target whichever audience you choose.  Facebook ads are proven to be highly effective, and can be a great tool in your bag of marketing tricks.

Customized applications.  One awesome thing you can do with a Facebook fan page is create custom apps (or hire an app developer to do so) that allow your page visitors to perform a multitude of tasks right from the Facebook interface.  The options include selling your products directly from your fan page, and allowing page visitors to opt in to other offers linked to your business.  When you employ the use of apps, the possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

As you can see, you really cannot afford to be missing out on the myriad opportunities offered by a Facebook fan page.  And the best part is that it is FREE to set up a fan page.  For help designing an effective fan page for your business, connect with me on Facebook!

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I’ll Take Some Cash with My Social Media…Thanks


Do you hang out at Facebook?
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Facebook and Social Media – The Next Marketing Opportunity


Marketing as an activity is all about reaching the right customers with the right products, and the result sought is delighted customers who are more than willing to open their purses wide enough to boost your revenues. For many years, marketers stalked their target customers through various means and by trying to get their message across to spread awareness about their wares.

Traditional Means of Communication

Traditionally, marketing communications were conducted via print, broadcast and such traditional media through disruptive advertising, where advertisements appear in between the content of interest for the customer.

Traditional media does give a large reach to a marketer with its programming of mass appeal. However, the wastage is equally high, since a large portion of the audience would belong to a different segment than the one that is to be targeted by the marketer.

Enter Social Media and the Internet

The revolution stirred by the internet as a medium took place because of the fact that it is highly personalized and provides more content on-demand than any other available medium. Social sites proliferated far and wide in their usage for a few simple reasons:

The power to create and distribute content is equally available to every user, irrespective of him/her being a customer or a marketer. In the earlier forms of media, that power rested with the editorial staff of the channel or the advertiser, but hardly ever with the user.

The medium is completely personalized, and a user can create or join groups and further create content based on what he/she likes.

Opinions are free and fair. This is one reason why social media is of utmost concern to marketers, since buying decisions are no more influenced as much by advertisements. The traditional word-of-mouth marketing approach has grown leaps and bounds on social networks.

Facebook – At the Center of Social Media

With 500 million (and growing) unique users worldwide, Facebook is the number one social networking site in terms of activity and subscriptions. What started as a garage initiative by Mark Zuckerberg has now become the biggest phenomenon on the internet.

A user interface that allows for quick communication and the ability to create fan pages and groups at the click of a mouse button are what make Facebook extremely popular. Another important reason for its immense popularity is the wide variety of social applications that have been developed and made available within the Facebook environment.

These applications can allow users and friends to do joint activities like playing games that run endlessly, sharing photos, videos, and web links, and many more.

How does this help a marketer?

Traditionally, media plans were drawn to include television channels, publications, or any other media that can grab maximum eyeballs and effectively reach a selected target audience. The science of segmentation and targeting has become only more accurate in the case of social media.

Facebook provides a wide variety of avenues to communicate with the audience, which opens up an entirely different world of possibilities to have a fruitful dialogue with customers. Some of these methods used popularly by marketers are:

Advertising:  The first opportunity, which is the most obvious one, is advertising on Facebook. The difference, however, is the fact that you can create your own advertisement in a matter of minutes and also specify the details of your target group in terms of demographics and types of discussions where you want your advertisement to appear.

Fan Pages:  Facebook allows every brand, as well as individual users, to create fan pages for their favorite celebrities and their own homegrown businesses. Large brands have also created their official pages on Facebook that have a huge, immediate fan following around the world. The fan page has immense utility to convey first hand information about the brand and also to collect immediate and frank feedback from your customers.

Branded applications:  One of the most effective ways to engage a user toward your brand is by creating an application; this could be a game or a contest, with your branding coming across subtly through it.

What makes Facebook even more exciting is the way it allows you to target your communication sharply just to the customer segment you want to attract. It also provides analytics and page insights that give good feedback and measurement on the activity done.

The options provided by Facebook can be creatively explored and used judiciously for bringing about maximum benefits to any brand.

However, while doing all this, you need to be aware of the fact that customers have an equal say and have the ability to respond immediately to any of your actions with a thumbs up or a thumbs down. Availing the service of a social media consultant to work out a social media strategy may be required so that your efforts will not be in vain.

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Talk soon.

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Sokule meets KuleSpace – the double it deal!


I am an avid fan of social media sites, especially those designed for business owners to interact with like-minded individuals.  There is a new kid on the net and it’s set to take online marketing by storm – think of MySpace for business! 

Just as Sokule was created to enable business owners to post messages like Twitter but have them blasted all over the net, KuleSpace has been created to work hand in glove with Sokule.  And there’s a humdinger of a deal being offered right now to give access to both of these social/business media sites.

So enamoured am I with this innovative site that I’m reproducing a very special message from Jane, the creator of Sokule:

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The Online YOU – the relevance of Social Media in Internet Marketing


I came across a very interesting article about the art & business of crafting your online self by Tara Gentile and I began to think about this very concept in terms of marketing your business online.

You have no doubt heard the mantra that people buy from those whom they trust, so how can you possibly trust someone whom you’ve never met and who could live on the other side of the world?

In Tara’s words, “how do you communicate the “essence of you” to people who’ve never met you before?”  I believe that this question is even more important when you’re asking people to part with their money for something that you are offering online.

So, how do you communicate the “essence of you” so that you will be trusted enough for relative strangers to do business with you over the internet?

Why, through social media of course.  There are more and more social media sites appearing across the net which devote a large part of themselves to business networking online.

Even Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, MySpace and many other ‘social’ networking sites have recognised that business people are a very important aspect of their online presence these days.

But there are sites that now go further and devote themselves almost exclusively to business professionals who want to meet and do business with other business professionals.  However, the above mantra will still apply in human relationships – people generally tend to do business with others that they feel that they know and trust.

With that in mind, these business networking sites focus more on the background – both personal and professional – of their members and usually have some sort of rating system whereby members can rate other members on the quality of their prior business dealings and general interactions.

This sort of rating helps to shorten the learning curve for busy marketers whom have little time to make any in depth background checks on online entrepreneurs other than the good old ‘Google search’.

Quite apart from the quality of the products and services being offered, people want to know whether or not potential business partners are ‘nice’ people or ‘good eggs’.  After all, who wants to do business with rougues or scoundrels?

This is precisely why “The Online You” is a crucial factor in internet marketing and why you must portray yourself effectively and extensively across the net using social media and, more relevantly, business networking sites.

They are geared towards business professionals and they even combine  affiliate programs and referral bonuses for members to add to their business arsenals.

These business networking sites are many and varied but there are a few new kids on the block that I’ve written about before that I believe are going to be taking the online business world by storm.  There is also another that is due to launch within the next couple of weeks and is currently in beta mode.  More on that to come.

Ending with some more of Tara’s thoughtful post:

“you know me as the words i write, the information i share, and the people i introduce you to. i am all those things, put together, and examined.

but i am nothing without relationships

if its not for you, the people who i work hard to cultivate relationships with, i am nothing.”

Quite so.

Talk soon.

Chineme –

Guide to Sokule – So What?  Sokule – So What?


In previous posts I have mentioned Sokule (tag – not your grandmother’s social media site).

Today, the definitive guide to Sokule, and social networking generally,  has just launched.

==> Sokule – So What

It’s the complete brandable guide for one of the
most popular Social Media Sites on the net.

–  You can brand it with your own links. It’s all
done online. Easy as 1,2,3.

–  You can add your own Social Media ids to the
members area.

– You can mail to your list 5 levels deep.

– You can earn commissions.

– You can get paid every Friday.

I’ve made it part of my permanent advertising arsenal as I
post at Sokule every single day.  If you’re looking for a way to
connect far and wide on the net with your message, see what
it offers and grab your copy today:

==> Sokule – So What

Much success, and talk soon.

Chineme Noke